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John R.
I really enjoyed my session and was given great advice and insight from my advisor. The session was spent receiving undivided attention and personal advice from an expert. My advisor was personal, transparent, and knowledgeable.
Amanda H.
My advisor was great! Jess made me feel like transitioning to a new career is possible. She came to the session with examples of jobs that might be a good fit for me and walked me through looking at the descriptions and seeing how my skills could fit. I’m excited to do the “homework” she gave me because I know now that it will be possible for me to leave the classroom.
Brittany H.
My session was intentional, straightforward and most importantly, useful! I felt comfortable and absolutely encouraged with the feedback that was given. Truly, my resume beforehand felt acceptable, however, I was educated on the vocabulary that I must consider to amplify my skills, the algorithms used for each site or company, and, of course, my layout.
Heather P.
My resume review was SO helpful! In 45 mins, Cara went through my entire resume and gave me specific suggestions on things to change to make my resume more quantifiable and have more verbs/actions words. I've never felt so confident about my resume before.
Chris W.
The advice that I got from Caitie directly improved my chances of getting an interview! Because the process has been moving so rapidly that I have not had the opportunity to schedule an additional session. I got a written offer within two weeks.
Grace C.
My session with Ben was great! He was so helpful on a range of topics. I feel like I have a better sense of my interview readiness, and have a several tangible feedback points to take with me through the rest of the job search. Thanks!
Sanghee O.
I really enjoyed my first session with Crystal for three reasons: 1) she was able to give me a framework to think about my resume, which I struggled a lot in the past while trying to work on my own, 2) she clarified about the differing experiences needed for different PM roles, which helped me to think about how I want to frame my experience, 3) she was able to give me a comprehensible answer to PM resume questions I couldn't get easily answered by talking to others before.
Bhavana S.
Jackie was professional, kind, and great at providing constructive and specific feedback on my resume and on my interview skills!
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We believe that career coaching should be accessible to everyone. That we can all use some support when starting off our career journeys. That like our zebra, sometimes you just need to learn how to show off your stripes... you’ve already done that hard part of earning them.