Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how resmrkt works? We've got answers!
what is resmrkt?

resmrkt is a digital marketplace that allows job seekers to easily compare career advisors across industries, price points, and service offerings to find tailored and affordable career advice.  

how is resmrkt different from typical career coaching?

resmrkt allows job seekers at any stage of their job search to find career advice that works for them. with no subscriptions, hidden fees, or unneeded bundles, you can find your perfect career advisor and only pay for what you need.

can you help me select an advisor or service?

yes! If you are unsure which advisor or service best meets your needs our team is happy to offer you our complimentary concierge service where we will get to know you and your career goals to recommend your best path forward. If you are interested, email us at resmrkt@gmail.com

who are the resmrkt advisors and how are they vetted?

the resmrkt advisors are career coaches and industry experts dedicated to helping you land your dream job and achieve your career goals. each advisor's professional experience and coaching skills have been vetted by a member of the resmrkt team to ensure a positive experience no matter which advisor you choose. 

how soon after buying a session can I meet with my advisor?

we guarantee you that you can meet with your advisor in 14 days. whenever possible we will try to schedule the meeting within 7 days of booking.

how will my session be scheduled?

after you purchase your session, a member of the resmrkt team will reach out by email to coordinate your appointment with the advisor you selected. once decided we will send you a calendar invite with the link to a virtual meeting (google meet). 

can I buy more than one session?

of course! you can buy as many sessions as you want, or continue to add on as you progress through your job search journey - whatever works best for you!

what if I'm unhappy after my session?

every resmrkt session comes with an 100% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your session, simply let us know and we will return your money or set you up with another advisor of your choosing at no additional cost.

can I work with more than one advisor?

yes! part of what makes resmrkt different is the ability for job seekers to meet with a variety of career advisors to give them the most well rounded career advising experience. 

why are some advisors more expensive than others?

we allow each of our advisors to set their own prices based on their years of experience, industry, and location. we make sure to source advisors who value accessibility like we do so if an advisor is less expensive it doesn’t mean they will provide less value. 

how do I become a resmrkt advisor?

if you are a hiring manager, a recruiter, an industry professional, or a career coach with experience helping people level up their applications, we would love to hear from you. please send us an email at resmrkt@gmail.com with the title “advisor Interest” and we will be happy to chat with you more.