Meet Asha! Author, Career Pivoter, and Resmrkt Advisor

This week we are welcoming Asha to the resmrkt advisor family!



She is the author of Skills: The Common Denominator.

She has experience working across the public, private, and non profit sectors with industry expertise in ed tech, entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship, market research, philanthropy, and technology.

She is an overall fantastic addition to our community and we thought what better way to welcome to her to the than by asking her some quick career questions to get to know her better. 

What made you decide to start career coaching? 

    I’m the first person that friends call or refer to their friends on the job search process. I wanted to channel my knowledge as a career coach to help more people. Resmrkt provided a great opportunity to meet job seekers outside of my network.

    What is your advice for job seekers starting their job search? 

      When you are starting your job search, you should consider your transferable skills from activities outside of your previous role or internships. You may find you enjoy flexing skills in your volunteer activities, and there may be a similar role or role that requires those skills that will make you happier in your career. 

      What is your favorite LinkedIn tip? 

      If you are relocating to a new geographic area, you should update the LinkedIn profile location to reflect the location where you are going to live. This way, you will show up in search results of recruiter's looking for candidates in that geographic area. 

      What is a fun fact you want to share with our job seekers?  

      I do not have a driver’s license. Everyone that hears this fun fact is always shocked and asks “how do you get around?” As a city girl, I rely on walking, public transportation, and ride sharing. 

      We are excited to have Asha on board! 

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