Meet Olivia! Helping You Find Your Dream Career!

One of our favorite activities is welcoming new awesome advisors to our platform. It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Olivia! 


She has helped hundreds of job seekers with their resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and networking. She is here to show you how you can build your dream career! 


We asked her a few questions to understand how she supports job seekers and to get to know her better. We hope you enjoy this Q&A as much as we did! 


1. What do you like the most about career coaching? 

For me, the best part of career coaching is showing clients that their career search is about more than a few boring documents. 

Instead, it’s a process you can use to put your skills, values, and passions into action, tell and create your story, and shape the future of the industries you care about. 

Once someone realizes that, they gain a lot more control over their job search and power to create their own path, which is so exciting for me to witness! 

2. What’s the best piece of career advice you received? 

I always tell clients that, when they’re looking for a new job, they have to consider their skills, passions, and values. I’ve learned, through advice from mentors and personal experience, that sticking to your values is crucial.  

When you’re sacrificing your values for a job—even when you feel desperate for a new position— you’re not going to perform well or, more importantly, feel good yourself. Ultimately, the sacrifice is rarely worth the paycheck, and you end up being desperate for a job again in a few months anyway.

If you’re able to, it’s always better to extend your job search for a position that fits your values, even if it means saying “no” when you really wish you didn’t have to.

3. You can only keep one, which is it? Why? The LinkedIn Profile, The Resume, or The Cover Letter 

The cover letter! I know that’s a pretty controversial opinion, but, to me, they’re irreplaceable. Your cover letter is the only place before the interview where you get to tell your story in your words. If written correctly, you can use it to show your skills, values, and passions and make employers excited to learn more about you!

4. What is your favorite tip for building a fantastic cover letter? 

In your cover letter, you should always include what I like to call “POW” sentences. Try to end your paragraphs with a sentence that really shows your passion for the position or industry and gets them interested in reading more. 

To end the first paragraph of cover letters, I usually start with this template and work from there: My experience doing [X], coupled with my passions for [X] and [X], would make me an excellent fit for [X]! 

By adding a strong statement about your passion for the field, employers will feel your excitement and want to hear more from you! 

5. What’s something that would surprise job seekers to learn about you?

In the spring semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and had an internship at a non-profit organization. 

This gave me firsthand experience with their work culture and—WOW— was it different from the US! For example, employers are legally required to give their employees a 15 minute break for every hour they work on a computer… could you imagine?!  

6. Is there anything else you want our job seekers to know about you? 

In addition to my career coaching services on resmrkt, I also have a free, in-depth networking workshop on my website, Stomp the Pavement!


We are excited to have Olivia join the team. If you are a job seeker who is looking for someone to help you level up your job application, then book a session with Olivia today

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