Millennial Career Post #2: Resumes Don't Have to be Scary

Happy October! Tis' the season of confronting scary things like ghosts, vampires, conservatorships, and your current resume.

Don't worry, we have some tool to help you go from frightful to delightful.

I’ve read countless resumes in my life, both as a first review and as an interviewer. There are a few key things that a lot of people seem to forget that might seem basic. Remember, a resume is a first impression, so aim to be memorable and clear.

  1. ALWAYS spell check. Triple check. Have your friends read your resume. Have your mom read your resume. But make sure when you submit your resume, you’ve spelled public relations correctly.
  2. Dress for the job you WANT. Tailor your resume to the job you want, not the job you have (or had). A lot of resumes I’ve seen are written as though the applicant is applying for the job they have. I want to see what skills you bring to the job you’re applying for, so help me draw the connection without too much effort.
  3. Make CONNECTIONS. It’s easy to think that because I’m reviewing your resume, that I’ll draw connections that seem obvious to you. But often times, I’m skimming for very specific qualities or skills, many of which I’ve probably hinted at in the job description. Be sure to tell me how being a preschool teacher and wrangling 3-year-old’s all day will help you be a great administrative assistant.
  4. Use DATA to tell your STORY. There are so many ways to tell a story and one of the most effective, especially for communications jobs, is to use data. Instead of telling me that you increased engagement, show me:6 months into executing my new strategy, engagement increased by 23% YOY — more than 120,000 more people were commenting on our content.
  5. Keep in SIMPLE. With so many resume formats available , it’s easy to want to create something unique and individualized — and I highly recommend you build a resume that reflects you. But consider leaving the head shots, unicorn pink and script fonts to your journal. Remember that we’re skimming 100's of resumes a day and often print the ones we want to move forward. Make sure your resume is easy to read with plenty of white space and a font that everyone has installed on their computer so you avoid the dreaded symbol translations. And consider submitting it .pdf form if you can. 

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